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Picture Frame of Rage
Fandom: Natural Born Killers
Song: Picture Frame of Rage by the Headstones
Summary: M&M 4EVAH!!.
Warnings: Violence and lots of blood
Right Click and Save: Picture Frame Of Rage
File Size: 22.8 MB

Fandom: Supernatural
Song: Mmmbop by Hanson
Summary: Made for Club Vivid 2008
Warnings: Wincest, and use of the blooper reel.
Right Click and Save: Mmmbop
File Size: 39.3 MB

Cobwebs And Strange
Fandom: Takin' Over The Asylum
Song: Cobwebs and the Strange by The Who
Summary: We are loonies, and we are proud!
Warnings: Um, extreme goofiness? :)
Right Click and Save: Cobwebs and Strange
File Size: 19.5 MB

Jive Talkin'
Fandom: The Sentinel
Song: Jive Talkin' by The Bee Gees
Summary: Blair doesn't shut up.
Warnings: Disco, if you need to warn for that ;)
Right Click and Save: Jive Talkin'
File Size: 37.78 MB

Fandom: Hustle
Song: Bankshot by Operation Ivy
Summary: Skacore, con artists, and hugs.
Warnings: NONE
Right Click and Save: Bankshot
File Size: 15.5 MB

Why Do Fools Fall In Love
Fandom: Oz
Song: Why Do Fools Fall In Love by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers
Summary: There are many kinds of love in Oz, and it's all fucked. I've been told this vid is VERY WRONG, and that makes me more than a little happy.
Warnings: The usual suspects- violence, nudity, and spoilers for the first three seasons of HBO's Oz
Right Click and Save: fools.wmv
File Size: 24.1 MB

Caught In A Jar
Rescue Me
Caught In A Jar by The Dropkick Murphys
Tommy's life is fucked. This vid premiered at God, The Devil, and Bob vidshow at Vividcon 2006I waited almost a year for season two to come out on dvd, so knew exactly what I wanted to do by the time I sat down to make this vid. I'm actually very proud of it.
Warnings: SPOILERS for the first two seasons of Rescue Me. Violence, death, and mayhem.
Right Click and Save: caughtinajar.wmv   
File Size: 24.6 MB

Party At Ground Zero
Fandom: The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the Eighth Dimension
Song: Party At Ground Zero by Fishbone
Summary: This vid premiered at Club Vivid 2006. Absolute Destiny suggested the song, and my brain put it with the movie. This vid is just for fun, but I did learn a lot about comedy while making it, thanks again to Absolute Destiny. I did a lot of song editing for this one, too.
Right Click and Save: partygroundzero.wmv
File Size: 38 MB

Please, Please, Please
Lord King Bad Vid
Hard Core Logo
Song: Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths
Summary: I'm going to punk rock hell for this. Also? I made myself cry while making this, because Joe loves Billy soooooo much and OMG can't he Please, Please, Please, get what he wants this time?
Warnings: no spoilers, just cheese and intentional abuse of transitions.
Right Click and Save: please3.wmv
File Size: 8.57 MB

Rebels of the Sacred Heart
Fandom: Boondock Saints
Song: Rebels of the Sacred Heart by Flogging Molly
Summary: The best lesson I learned with this vid is listen to your betas. Luminosity and Sisabet kept telling me to cut faster, but I wimped out and cried, "I'm cutting as fast as I can." I now know that I can, indeed, cut much, much faster. In spite of not living up to my song as well as I could have, I love this vid. If it makes you want to see the movie, I've done my job. I did some serious cutting of the song for this vid, and worked harder and longer on it than any other vid I've made.
Warnings: Graphic violence, as usual :)
Right Click and Save: rebels.wmv
File Size: 16.7 MB

Fandom: Empire Records
Song: Free by The Martinis
Summary: "Not on Rex Manning Day!" "Damn the Man!"  I took a song from the soundtrack of film, which may or may not be a no-no, because this song really captures the feel of the movie for me. I ADORE this film. This is the sweetest vid I've ever made, and I hope my love for the movie shines through. I hope I can pimp this film to at least a few of you out there. Rent It! Watch Empire Records!!!
Warnings: None
Right Click and Save: free_emprecords.wmv
File Size: 21.8 MB

Rough Boys
Fandom: Multi-Media
Song: Rough Boys by Pete Townshend
Summary: Hot men and graphic violence, with homo-erotic themes throughout. I made this vid for fun, pure and simple. Too many movies to list in this one, and a tv show or two or three as well. It says a lot about me that the only woman in this vid is tied up with duct tape over he mouth. Still not happy with the ending, though.
Warnings: Tons of very graphic violence, lots of blood, nazi-skinheads, and a little bit of nudity.
Right Click and Save: rboys.wmv
File Size: 19.5 MB

Too Much Pressure
Fandom: Tank Girl
Song: Too Much Pressure by The Selector
Summary: Hot chicks kick ass to ska. Looking back, I really didn't step up to my song with this vid, but I didn't know then what I know now :)
Warnings: None
Right Click and Save: pressure.wmv
File Size: 8.58 MB

Fandom: Hard Core Logo
Song: Monster by Rollins Band
Summary: Joe Dick is my favorite Monster! This is a character study/profile of Joe Dick.
Warnings: SPOILERS for the end of the movie! Some violence and implied drug use.
Right Click and Save: monster.wmv
File Size: 14.9 MB

Fandom: Saving Private Ryan
Song: 1916 by Motorhead
Summary: This is a war vid, plain and simple. I've made lots of people cry with this vid, myself included. I'm proud of this one, it did what I wanted it to; it showcased a beautiful song, and showed war as it is- misery and death.
Warnings: Graphic Violence! Really, this vid is full of blood and gore, just like war.
Right Click and Save: 1916.wmv
File Size: 18.9 MB

Close To You
Lord King Bad Vid
Pitch Black
Song: Close To You by The Carpenters
Summary: When I made this vid it was years before Sisabet and I had come up with the Lord King Bad Vid concept, but it fits the bill perfectly. I was completely serious when I made this vid, which is both funny and sad. I think it's a Mary Sue vid, in the sense that Jack is me at twelve years old, I am Jack. This vid is from her POV, and mine, and we love Riddick more than anything. Also? I have no shame :)
Warnings: Violence, and extreme sap
Right Click and Save: closetoyou.wmv
File Size: 13.8 MB

Junkie Business
Fandom: Christiane F. Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo
Song: Too Much Junkie Business performed by Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, song by Walter Lure
Summary: I made this for my sister as a Christmas present one year. It's one of her all time favorite movies, and we both love the song. It really shows that I had no idea what I was doing as a vidder, but it also shows how much I've learned since then. I decided to post ALL my vids here, not just the ones that I think are good, so there ya have it.
Warnings: Explicit drug use, vomit, and other nasty stuff. Not for the squeamish.
Right Click and Save: junkie.wmv
File Size: 10.4 MB

Speed Racer
Fandom: The Fast and the Furious
Song: Speed Racer Theme Song by N. Koshibe, P. Fernandez
Summary: My second vid, just having fun with two things I really love- fast cars and Vin Diesel
Right Click and Save: spdracer.wmv
File Size: 11.9MB

Hard Core Logo
Song: Ghost by 7 Seconds
Summary: My very first vid! The song is about touring, being on the road. Hard Core Logo was a gimme for this song.
Right Click and Save: ghost.wmv
File Size: 8.98 MB